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Cut the Rope: Experiments ist not jet available in Germany – but we came cheap to an New Zealand iTunes gift code and were so already able to test Zeptolab’s new gane. Here our short review.

The main menu looks mostly like the main menu of the original Cut the Rope: There’s a fat Cut the Rope-text in the background- in a loupe You see, that it is not the normal Cut the Rope, but Cut the Rope: Experiments.

And also the level menu did not change as mucht – why should Zeptolab do this, when there was nothing to critizise in the first part? But everything has been a little bit customized to the lab-flair.

While You play the first levelpack You could think „Where are there new features?!“ Ok, there are new designed levels, but there are no new objects in the first level pack. However already the first level pack onicht. Trotzdem macht auch das erste Levelpack schon Spaß – und einige Level sind auch schon ziemlich knifflig.

The 2nd level pack is called candy shooting gallery and the name is program. No, don’t worry about Om, Nom – nothing happens to him, but the candy is the victim: When You tap on one of the green „canons“ There will be shot a sucker, which creates a new rope from the canon to the candy.

The farther the candy is away from the canon, the longer the rope is. This has to be mentioned in later levels. In interaction with the known bubbles, which let the candy to get higher, this can lead You tu muse longer.

In the third level pack called sticky tracks, there is another new object: bigger sucks: If You touch those, they suck in or off. This makes the game more dynamic and helps to make the game more tricky. By the way: suckers can also fly if theres the candy connected to the sucker and to a bubble.

Actually there are „just“ 75 levels – 25 per level pack.  -But in the first Cut the Rope this was not different and now there are about 200 levels. That’s why I’m confident with the Experiments-Version too,


Also the sequel to Cut the Rope is really really well done. The new features make thy game more dynamic – for a price of just 0,99$ or 0,79€ You dont have to think long – You habe to grab it. Zeptolab, good work!


iPhone + iPod Touch: 0,79€/0,99$



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